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Super PC Cleaner

Computers are very similar to humans. They have memory, they perform tasks and work hard, and they even need sleep. That's why it's important to take good care of your computer, keep it maintained and up to par.
That's why we created Super PC Cleaner so a normal human can take super-care of their PC.

Take Care of your PC

Cleanse your computer from junk files, system errors, broken files and more. Delete unnecessary issues, cookies, history, and invalid shortcuts that take up storage space on your PC.

In-depth Checkups

Filter out the unnecessary files in your Windows Registry to help its performance and functionality. Your entire Windows Registry should be automatically cleaned on a regular basis.

Service & Support

Our developers and tech team want your computer to get the treatment it needs. Contact us if you need any help.


Anna Jones

“It works. It’s cheap and it delivers. We wanted to buy a new computer, but instead, we bought Super PC Cleaner and a new cappuccino machine with the money saved. I’d give it five stars!”

Anna Jones – Boston, USA

Dimitri Kalganov

“We use SuperPCcleaner at the office. At least once a week it scans and removes the junk. It works well and doesn’t have popups.”

Anna Jones – Boston, USA

Luciana Gonzales

“I bought Super PC cleaner because I don’t have time to clean my computer as it is. My husband uses it for his start up business and it works very well.”

Luciana Gonzales – Durango, Mexico