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Anna Jones

“It works. It’s cheap and it delivers. We wanted to buy a new computer, but instead, we bought Super PC Cleaner and a new cappuccino machine with the money saved. I’d give it five stars!”

Anna Jones – Boston, USA

Dimitri Kalganov

“We use SuperPCcleaner at the office. At least once a week it scans and removes the junk. It works well and doesn’t have popups.”

Anna Jones – Boston, USA

Luciana Gonzales

“I bought Super PC cleaner because I don’t have time to clean my computer as it is. My husband uses it for his start up business and it works very well.”

Luciana Gonzales – Durango, Mexico

About Us

Computers are very similar to humans. They have memory, they perform tasks and work hard, and they even need sleep. That's why it's important to take good care of your computer, keep it maintained and up to par.

That's why we created Super PC Cleaner so a normal human can take super-care of their PC. Working with us is a very smooth process thanks to our simplified methods for developing good partnerships.

All Woggle products are first planned out and strategically developed so that we can continue to improve our product with future update releases. Our software products are vigorously tested in several dynamic environments, and then thoroughly checked by our QA team before the final release. This makes sure that our software product is indeed as good as it gets.

The main focus of our software is to supply Windows computers with optimization software that will help keep the system running and working well. It's important to know that your computer must be cleaned on a regular basis. The scanning technology built inside the software is so advanced that nothing can slip under its radar. Regular system reports will help you determine what can be cleaned or removed for enhanced PC performance.

True PC Experts

True PC Experts

We love technology. Each of our team members was especially handpicked for their specific skills and knowledge. We don’t only love hi-tech, we live it!

Research & Tests

Research & Tests

Our product was intensely researched before being developed. Multiple tests in different environments have been performed, and we continue to improve it.

Service & Support

Service & Support

Your satisfaction is our main focus because you are the customer. That’s why we provide top-class service and support for all questions, at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install Super PC Cleaner?

    1. Click here to download Super PC Cleaner.
    2. Click Save when the download is ready.
    3. Save the program and create a shortcut.
    4. Continue with the installation process.
    5. Click on Run and then Allow changes to be made to your computer.
    6. Click I Agree to accept the License Agreement and continue.
    7. When the install is done, allow Super PC Cleaner to scan your PC. Super PC Cleaner will start scanning your computer. When it’s finished, click on Clean Now, and then Register.
    8. After you register, use your License Key to activate the additional software features. Be sure to close all popups. ***

    *** If you haven’t purchase a License Key yet, after the product finishes the free scan, click on Clean Now, and then click on Register. Your browser will open and you will arrive to the shopping cart. Proceed to check out and your License Key will be sent to your email.

  • Why do I need Super PC Cleaner?

    Super PC Cleaner helps maintain a working PC by cleaning away the unwanted registry files. It also keeps your PC safe and secure. The program will also keep your information private and free of clutter.

    Super PC Cleaner includes adjustable features such as Startup enhance (so your PC or laptop can boot faster), Game mode, Flight mode, Battery life extension, customizable Registry scans, Internet settings, and more.

  • Where can I download Super PC Cleaner?

    To instantly download Super PC Cleaner, click on the secure link listed below:

    Get Super PC Cleaner

  • How do I activate Super PC Cleaner?

    In order to unlock all the features of the full software, you need to purchase a License Key.

    Your License Key is the activation code for Super PC Cleaner and is completely unique to you.

    Your License Key is 16 characters long and is in the format of 4 by 4; (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).

    You can find your License Key in your email receipt. Paste it in the product activation window after the system scan.

  • Where can I find my License Key?

    Please refer to the email you were sent immediately after making your purchase of Super PC Cleaner.

    Your License Key is sent in an automatic email after you complete the order. The automatic emails can sometimes be found in your Spam or Junk folder by default. Be sure and double check if you cannot find it in your main inbox.

    Once you have your automatic email receipt, you will find your License Key(s) inside.

    If you purchased our product and never received your License Key(s), please contact our support team: [email protected] .

    If you are unsure whether you successfully purchased our product, contact us via e-mail and we will check the status.

  • How do I stop Super PC Cleaner from resetting my password settings?

    In order to stop Super PC Cleaner from resetting your password settings on websites you visit:

    1. Open and Run Super PC Cleaner.
    2. Go to the Performance tab on the left and select Adjust Internet.
    3. Make sure the options below are selected exactly as described here:

    Forms autofill, Autofill of login names and passwords for forms, and Request before saving passwords.
    In the end, Click on Save.

  • Why am I being asked to re-purchase after I already purchased Super PC Cleaner?

    This just means you need to activate your software product.

    Follow the steps below to activate the Super PC Cleaner software:

    1. Run Super PC Cleaner (Start > Programs > Super PC Cleaner folder > Open Super PC Cleaner.
    2. When the program opens, the Automatic Scan will start scanning your PC.
    3. When the Scan is done, click on Register Now and continue.
    4. Copy and Paste your License Key(s) in the designated window and Click on Activate Now.
  • Why do I still have the same errors after using Super PC Cleaner?

    This error occurs if other programs are not closed before scanning your system.

    Note: Super PC Cleaner cannot clean the items that are being used by other programs simultaneously.

    Again, make sure you close all other programs before scanning and cleaning your PC.

  • Why is Super PC Cleaner not working? / Why is the Clean Up Now button not working?

    Uninstall Super PC Cleaner and Re-install it again using the steps below.

    To Uninstall Super PC Cleaner:

    1. Close Super PC Cleaner
    2. Go to Start > Programs > and search for Super PC Cleaner.
    3. Click Uninstall Super PC Cleaner.
    4. Click Yes to continue uninstalling Super PC Cleaner.
    5. Click OK when done.

    Re-Download and Re-Install Super PC Cleaner:

    1. Click here to download Super PC Cleaner.
    2. Click Save when the download is ready.
    3. Save the program and create a shortcut.
    4. Continue with the installation process.
    5. Click on Run and Allow changes to be made to your computer.
    6. Click I Agree to accept the License Agreement and continue.
    7. When finished installing, allow Super PC Cleaner to scan your PC. When finished, click on Clean Up Now and then on Register.
    8. Re-enter your License Key to re-activate the software and its features (close all popups).
  • When running the installation process, nothing happens. What to do?

    Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

    In the Start Menu Search Box, type ‘Regedit’.

    “Do you want to allow the following changes?”

    Click Yes.

    Double click on ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’.

    Double click on the Software folder.

    Right click on the Super PC Cleaner folder and Delete it.

    Follow the instructions below and download the software again.

    Please click Here to download Super PC Cleaner

    When the download starts, click Save.

    Select a file location to save to and create a shortcut.

    Start the installation process.

    Select Run and Allow changes to be made to your computer.

    Click I Agree to accept the License Agreement popup and continue.

    Complete the install process and allow Super PC Cleaner to scan your PC.

    Click Register and enter your License Key to activate the software (close all other popups).

    Then Activate your program and continue to the Super PC Cleaner features to clean all detected issues.

  • Can I transfer my License Key to another computer?

    Unfortunately, transferring your License Key is impossible.

    You will need to purchase a new License Key in order to activate our product(s) on alternate device(s).

    To avoid any misunderstandings, this is clearly stated in our EULA .

    In our EULA, it is clearly stated that our products may only be installed and used by a single user on a single PC.

    Therefore, the program cannot be installed, displayed, shared, or used concurrently on one PC to another PC.

  • Can this product work on mobile or tablet?

    Unfortunately, no. You can only use this software on your Windows laptop or PC.

  • Where can I buy a License Key for your product?

    To buy a License Key, follow the link below to purchase the full version of the software of your choice:

    Buy Super PC Cleaner

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We do offer refunds.

    Woggle Trading Limited Refund Policy: If for any reason you wish to request a refund on your purchase, you’re entitled to receive a full refund within 60-days from the initial purchase date.

    After submitting a refund request via the form on our support page, our Customer Support Team will contact you within 48 hours.

    Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee is in full effect on all orders.

  • What is the Automatic Renewal option (rebilling)?

    The Automatic Renewal option automatically charges an amount equal to or less than the current price of the software (plus applicable taxes) prior to the expiration of your product subscription to your credit card or debit card so you don’t have to worry about your product expiring.

    With the Automatic Renewal feature turned on, you will receive automatic updates for the product you have purchased.

    Of course, you will be reminded via email before this renewal takes place a few days prior to the charge.

    You can turn off the Automatic Renewal service at any time by submitting a ticket on our Support Page or by sending an email to: [email protected] .

  • How to cancel my Automatic Renewal?

    In order to cancel your Automatic Subscription (Renewal) for your product, send an email to: [email protected] , or, submit a ticket via this web form .

  • Where is my purchase receipt?

    Please check your email ‘Spam’ folder.

    Your confirmation email with your License Key(s) and Instructions may sometimes be redirected to your email ‘Junk’ folder by default.

    If you never received a confirmation email, please send an email to:  [email protected]  and our Customer Support agents will assist you.

  • How do I Uninstall Super Clean System products?

    To uninstall your product, choose one of the 3 options below:

    Option 1:

    Go to > Start menu > Programs folder and find Super PC Cleaner.

    Click on Uninstall Super PC Cleaner.

    Option 2:

    Go to > Control panel > Programs and features

    Find Super PC Cleaner

    Double click on it and select Uninstall.

    Option 3:

    Go to your Computer > Local disc (C:)> Program files and search for Super PC Cleaner and delete the file.

    Please note that in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, you need to go to ‘Programs and features’, whereas in Windows XP, go to ‘Add/Remove program’, both of which are located in the Control Panel.

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